Raising Girls

I often hear people say that being a girl mom is hard. Well, yes it definitely has its challenges, but I think that is just parenting. We are all raising our children in a very tough world. I know in our home we strive to teach our girls about being the “light” in the world. I tell them often, “If you are going to be any kid, be the nice kid”. BUT…our pep talks only seem to anchor for so long. So how was I going to help my daughters overcome this challenge and continue to shine their light with confidence?

Well, I started to research.

I stumbled upon a book called Raising Worry-Free Girls. If you are a girl mom and you do not have this book just go ahead and click on the link to add it to your cart. This book has been a game changer. This book was written by a veteran counselor who teaches parents how to instill bravery and strength in their daughterswith God’s strong and safe love. She provides effective strategies for us moms to use to help our daughters live more courageously. I have even learned a thing or two about myself as I have been working through this book.

I hope that this is encouraging to some of you who have daughters who are facing the same struggles. You are definitely not alone. I hope that this book can bring you some confidence as a mother, and help you raise daughters who are BRAVER, STRONGER, AND SMARTER!


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