Wednesday Wisdom

Today’s words of wisdom come from my six year old’s Jesus loving heart! Miss Elaina and I took a spontaneous trip to the splash pad today while big sister attended a birthday part! At first I contemplated taking Elaina by herself because she wouldn’t have anyone to play with. Remember this was spontaneous and I didn’t dress for the occasion, so I wasn’t able to join in on the fun. Elaina had packed her swimsuit with the hopes that she could crash a ten year old’s birthday party, so she was prepared. After telling Elaina she would have to play alone, my six year old reminded me that there was nothing to worry about.

She made friends with all kinds of people. Big kids, little kids, babies, boys, girls. As I watched her I was so amazed with how easily these little friendships were forming. How did she make it look so easy?

Well friends, let me take you back to a mic drop situation that took place at our home just a few weeks ago. Casey was talking to Elaina about how he sometimes doesn’t want to be friends with people because of the things that they do or the things that they say. She pondered the thought for just a second and then she said, “Jesus is friends with everyone, Dad.”

Annnnd cue the “mic drop”.

“Touche, kid”, were the next words out of Casey’s mouth.

“Jesus is friends with everyone”. Let that resonate for a second.

Now think about this…what if we took Miss Elaina’s words of wisdom and applied them to our lives on a daily basis. I know we all strive to be kind to others but how different do you think the world would be if we were intentional about it.

Thank you, Elaina Grace, for being the light in this world! May we all strive to be more and more like your friend, Jesus, every single day!

How different would the world be if we approached others with a smile? How different would the world be if we chose to start small talk with a total stranger instead of sitting alone? How different would the world be if we were looking at it through the lens of a child’s heart who longs to be more like Jesus?


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