If the Shoe Fits

Yesterday we were loading up to get ready to go load a wagon of hay. Casey and I are both sitting in the car waiting for the girls and wondering what was taking them so long. Next thing we know, out of the house walks two cute little cowgirls. They have their jeans, cute little t-shirts/tanks, and gloves. Hey, if they are going they are going to dress the part. Thats the city girl in them that I love so much.

After we get there, we all get to work. When I say all of us, I mean all of us. Grandpa was driving the truck, a friend of ours and I were throwing bales up onto the trailer, Casey was stacking, and the girls were rolling square bales toward the wagon the best that they could. It was hot. It was sweaty. It was itchy. But, aside from all that, it was something that was so good for my soul to see. I saw my family working together. I saw my girls wanting to be strong enough to lift bales of hay like their mommy. When they couldn’t roll any more bales, they jumped up on the wagon to ride along and sing songs. I saw my husband and father-in-law belly laughing as I did a ballerina spin trying to get a bale of hay up further than I knew I could. I saw precious moments happening right before my eyes. After the last bale was stacked and the hay was anchored down on the wagon, I knew I needed to get a picture to capture these sweet moments. As I looked at the girls, I just started to giggle. I had noticed their cute little outfits, but never noticed their choice of shoes. One of my girls wore boots. The other wore water shoes. Sounds about right!

Guess what…if the shoe fits, wear it!

I wanted to share this little Friday night story with you because it was a great reminder that in all the itchy, sweaty, hard days of our lives, there are precious moments being made. Friends, I encourage you to be silly, to laugh until your tummy hurts, and to wear whatever shoes you think are most comfortable! 🙂



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