How to Set Up Your Very Own Coffee Station at Home

A couple years ago I asked my sweet husband if he could build me a coffee bar. I was so tired of my coffee maker and accessories taking up place on the counters. We used Shelly L Nemeth’s DIY design for inspiration. We made a couple of different changes to the design, such as using three boards across the top instead of one large one. This is all personal preference.

After we built the coffee bar it was time to get it organized and ready to use. Now if you know me, you will know that being fancy is not near as important as being functional. I could have bought an extravagant coffee maker, but Mr. Coffee works great for me! I added a coffee canister to hold my coffee grounds and I keep my filters on top of it so I have easy access. I found a cute little sugar dish at a local antique shop that is perfect for my unhealthy sweet-n-low and my vase with faux plants was a hand me down from my beautiful Grandma. I also found a galvanized mug rack to add for easy access to my favorite mugs. You can be creative with the mugs that you choose to add to your coffee bar! I use refrigerated creamer, so I don’t need a space for it on my coffee bar. You could easily add syrups or a basket of individual creamers. I love having an area that I can prepare my favorite beverage each morning! If you have a set up that you use in your home, please share in the comments!


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