Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay

There are so many wonderful waterparks/theme parks across the midwest, but I think our family has found our favorite! Every year we have taken our girls to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate their school year successes. We stay for one overnight and it costs around $350 or more for one night. This year we looked into finding something that would give us a little more bang for our buck and I am so glad we did!

I now welcome you to our girls favorite place on Earth, Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay. This little gem is found in Louisville, KY, which happens to be one of my favorite places to visit. It’s about a 2 hour drive for us, so we can easily take day trips and don’t have to worry about staying the night and finding someone to take care of the livestock. We have made three trips down so far this summer. I would love to share some things that we have learned that might be helpful to your family if you are wanting to find a getaway this summer!

This year we bought the gold season passes. They were around $80 a per person, around $300 a family. This might sound a little steep, but it’s honestly it is equivalent to one night at Great Wolf Lodge, BUT we can visit as many times as we want during the 2022 season. We have been 3 times so far, which has paid for itself. When you are a gold member, you also get free soft drink refills all day, 20% off any purchase made at the park, and each person gets a one time bring-a-friend pass. The park is clean and the staff is great. The lines move quickly, if there is any line at all. If no one else if waiting, they even let you stay on a ride if you wish to ride it again!

They have multiple food options at the park and the 20% off for members is included with food purchases. They also allow for me to bring my own lunch into the park due to my food allergies/sensitivities. Of course, drinks are free!

You can purchase a locker for the day if you don’t wish to carry your backpacks around. The most expensive one is around $20. Lockers are located in the waterpark. We have also left our things sitting on a chair and no one has messed with them before. If you are only visting the theme park side, they have a safe place for you to set your things while you are on the ride so you don’t need the locker rental. The waterpark also provides free life jackets for nonswimmers so you don’t have to worry about bringing one to carry around while your child is not swimming.

The website has a list of theme park and waterpark rides that they offer. We have been three times and still haven’t explored the whole park!

There are so many fun places to visit in the midwest and our family definitely recommends this little gem to those looking for fun place to spend the day with their family! If you think you can make multiple trips, I would highly recommend the gold members pass–the smiles and memories made are worth every penny!


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