Season of Change

There has been so much change over this past year for our family.

At the beginning of July, I resigned as an elementary educator after five years. I had always dreamed of being a teacher, but I knew that dream was quickly fading away. I was losing hope that things would get better and knew that it was a much needed time for change. I began job searching throughout the summer. I had spent all of June applying, interviewing, and praying that a job would come along that would be the perfect fit!

In July I interviewed with a team from the Indiana State Department of Health for their Farm to School Coordinator Position. I felt very good about the interview, but still knew that there was going to be another round that they may/may not call me back for! By the next week, they had reached out to me with a project/presentation to complete for the next round of interviews. In my heart, I knew that this was going to be the job for me…SO before I even went to the interview, I decided to take a HUGE leap of faith and resign from my position as an elementary teacher. Friends, this was seriously a leap of faith that I was willing to take because I felt so passionate about not returning to the classroom. I knew that if it wasn’t this job, there would be another. I went in for my second interview the week after resigning and by the following week, I was offered the job. I know that things don’t always work out like this every time, but I truly believe that through prayer, God found this job for me. He saw my frustration, my compassion burnout, my tired heart and he provided! If you are in a season of hoping for change, I encourage you to pray. Get a team of prayer warriors, too! God is good and he is faithful.

If you are looking into a career change, I encourage you to reach out! I don’t know every little tip or trick to finding a new job, but I would love to share with you what I have learned through this journey. I would also love the opportunity to pray over you as you embark on your very own season of change.

Stay tuned for what’s next….




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